Save $1,800 on Samsung's Best 65-inch 8K QLED TV

Upgrade your living room with an 8K TV that boasts excellent picture quality.

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Your favorite shows, movies, and game will look great on this 8K TV.
Your favorite shows, movies, and game will look great on this 8K TV.
Graphic: Brittany Vincent

If you’re looking to spend some serious cash on a new TV, you can’t go wrong with an 8K display. It’s true there isn’t a ton of native 8K content out there right now, and much of what you’ll watch will be upscaled, but future proofing is always a good idea. And if you’re going to bite the bullet and grab an 8K TV, a Samsung 65-inch QN800B 8K QLED TV is quite possibly your best option. It’s on sale for a whopping $1,800 off right now at Samsung, making it just $1,700 in comparison to its typical price of $3,500.

Samsung 65-inch QN900B 8K QLED TV | $1,700 |  Samsung

This TV boasts bright colors, low input lag, and high peak brightness. It also has an unmatched local dimming feature as well as reflection handling, so you can kiss frustrating glare goodbye. HDR content looks great, too, and if you choose to game on this TV, you’ll be in for a world of eye-popping color and quality. Plus, it upscales lower resolution content well, which is always a plus. If all that sounds good to you, you’d do well to go ahead and lock one in. It likely won’t stay in stock long.


This article was originally published on 6/01/23 by Brittany Vincent and updating with new information on 6/5/23 and 6/7/23 by Blake McCourt