This Weighted Blanket Is 70% Off Right Now, But It Could Take Up to 100% Off Your Anxiety

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Sharper Image 20lb Velveteen Weighted Blanket| $45 | SideDeal
Sharper Image 20lb Velveteen Weighted Blanket| $45 | SideDeal
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

Sharper Image 20lb Velveteen Weighted Blanket| $45 | SideDeal

The benefits of weighted blankets are numerous and well documented. They’ve been known to lessen anxiety, give a sense of calm, and provide comfort. It’s based on the concept of deep pressure touch, a type of therapy that uses hands-on pressure to relieve stress. Sharper Image’s plush velveteen weighted blanket is $105 less today and can do all that.

The 20lbs. weight is evenly distributed and actually makes it feel like you’re being hugged while in a snug blanket. These blankets often help with serotonin and melatonin production. They ease anxiety and can help you sleep more soundly without the need for additional sleep or mood aids.

This particular Sharper Image blanket, aside from being extremely cozy, is perfect for most adults. The description states 175lbs. and up as the ideal user, but I weigh below that weight and find that a 20lbs. blanket is perfectly comforting! The high-density micro-beads are lead-free and BPA-free, so less for you to worry about. If it gets a stain, don’t stress; spot clean it with soap and water and let it dry out in the air. Or you can bring it to the dry cleaners. This blanket is slightly smaller than a queen-sized blanket, just as a heads up.

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