I Am Human and I Need to Be Snugged Just Like Everybody Else Does, You Can Do That for $39

The weight clocks in at ten pounds, that is and isn't a lot.

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10lb Weighted Snuggie Blanket | $39 | SideDeal

The benefits of weighted blankets have been written about all over the internet and definitely here too. There’s nothing quite like the calming effects of a warm blanket tucked around you. This one takes it just a step further. The anti-anxiety snuggie blanket is 68% off today and here to offer all that.

Sit back, relax. Get wrapped up in the oversized contentment. Not only will it keep you toasty, but the weights go from the shoulders to the knee area to offer a bit of relief and peace. The built-in pocket lets you store snacks, a phone, game controller, remotes, really whatever you need close as you drift into ultimate contentment. Its size and shape will work for basically everyone. The outside is soft and plush fleece material, while the inside is full of evenly distributed glass beads and polyester fiber. The weight clocks in at ten pounds, and no worries if you have an accident. Just hand wash and tumble dry low. We can all use a little relief now and then, especially during another crazy year. No shame in alleviating some of that stress with cozy weighted hugs. There are twelve colors and patterns to pick from.