Photo via Gizmodo

Last week we asked you which electric razors brought the closest shave and the best features. Now we’ve got our top five, and it’s time to find a winner.

Due to ongoing issues with images, we’ll be outlining your picks in the post and using a traditional poll that you can find below.

Braun 7 Series

The Braun 7 Series was my recommendation in our guide to all the Best Shaving Gear, so you can guess where my vote is going. It’s shower-friendly, with a cradle that charges and cleans. It also looks great, and most importantly shaves great. Personally, I’d never buy another electric without a cleaning system. [Braun Series 7]

Panasonic Arc4 Series

The ES-LA93-K is the top of the Arc4 line, and the one that comes with a cleaning system. However, you also have the option of skipping the cleaning system and saving some cash by picking up the ES-LA63-S instead. Ready for your shower and your shaving foam.

We entertained the possibility of making the entire Panasonic Arc line a single nomination, but anyone who has tried a Gillettes at different Machs knows that changing the number of blades changes the shave.

Panasonic Arc3 Series

As with the Arc4 line, the Arc3 line is not limited to a single mode. The ES-LT71-S is the one you nominated, and the one with a cleaning system, but the ES-ST25KS is the latest and sexiest model, no cleaning cradle included. Like the other nominees, these blades have no trouble in the shower.

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D

The SensoTouch was Gizmodo’s choice for Best Electric Razor back in 2013, so it’s no surprise to see it make the top nominations.

Shaving with the Sensotouch 3D feels like removing facial hair with robot kisses. There is virtually zero hair tugging, even through three-day long stubble.

Philips Norelco Click & Style Toolkit

The Norelco Click and Style is far cheaper than any of the other nominees- a great impulse buy that we were happy to see make the list. Gizmodo has a whole review.

Don’t know squat about electric razors but definitely want to check ‘em out? Then yes. The Click & Style shaver is a great place to start.