Find Something to Read with Amazon's Free Kindle Selections

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Free Children’s Books and Classic literature | Amazon
Free Children’s Books and Classic literature | Amazon
Graphic: Elizabeth Henges

Free Children’s Books and Classic Literature | Amazon

Running out of things for you or your child to read, but don’t want to spend money? Amazon has a selection of children’s books and classic literature that you can grab for the low low price of zero dollars.

While these are Kindle titles, you don’t need a Kindle itself to read them—you can download the free Kindle app to any smartphone or tablet and get to reading right then and there. Granted, there are some clear advantages to buying a Kindle, including a weeks-long battery, a backlight that causes way less eyestrain, and more.

But, in the meantime, you can grab titles like Don Quixote and Gulliver’s Travels right now, for free. You can also pick up a bunch of Sesame Street books like Which Witch is Which for free, so you can help your little one calm down after a long day with a nice bedtime book. There are plenty more books too (like the first book of select series being free), so make sure to check the link!