I’ve been blogging about deals around these parts for over six years, and I’ve forgotten enough of them to fill a Costco. But some deals were more memorable than others, either because they had a particularly good headline, or they were a particularly enticing price mistake, or just because they were obviously silly but actually kind of useful (rave toilet, anyone?). So now, on my last day, won’t you join me in remembering some deals?

An inflatable hot tub

A rice cooker

Bar soap

A 10-port USB charger

Inflatable flamingo

Black light flashlight


288 condoms

Haribo Gold Bears

Ivanka Trump clothing

Tactical Spork


Kindle Voyage

Sony a7r

Kindle Paperwhite

Door stoppers

Pool floats

A Crock-Pot bundle

Rave toilet

Power tools

MicroSD Card

Toilet stools

Dubble Bubble

Gawker Media Group

Wow, those were some good deals. Thanks for buying them from my blogs. What are some deals that you remember?

Goodbye, y’all.